3 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Vanities

DIY bathroom renovations are popular because they increase property values. Upgraded bathrooms can also add space and make spaces more convenient to use. Bathroom vanities are often central features in renovations because they include sinks, faucets, and storage space. Fortunately, most homeowners can easily find several Unique Vanities that meet their needs. They key is to consider the size, number of sinks, mounting options, and style of the vanities required for projects.

Consider the Bathroom’s Size

A bathroom’s floorplan and current plumbing usually determine where a new vanity will be installed and what size it should be. It is important to measure the width, depth, and height of the space where a vanity will be installed. Once homeowners have these facts, they can begin to look at models that fit. Some shoppers will want to fill up larger areas with spacious models. Others search for space-saving styles that make tiny bathrooms more efficient.

Decide on the Style and Number of Sinks

Homeowners may renovate bathrooms to update their looks, create more usable space, or adapt to the needs of growing families. These goals usually determine whether customers go shopping for single or double-sink vanities. Some cabinets are pre-formed to hold one or two sinks, while others need to be cut out. Homeowners also need to determine the sink style. The most popular sink types are undermount, drop in, vessel, and integrated. They are sold in a range of colors and materials designed to match or complement vanities, fixtures, and hardware.

Choose a Mounting Option

Vanity shoppers need to choose a vanity mounting style that matches their space needs and decorating theme. Customers may choose freestanding, wall mounted, or corner models. The simplest solution is to simply stick with the original style since it matches existing plumbing. Freestanding vanities are the most popular and can include a range of foot styles. Wall mounted vanities have a modern look but minimal storage. Corner models can be very attractive and they save space. They always have a single sink.

Bathroom renovations nearly always include new vanities. When shopping for vanities homeowners need to choose models that not only match their decorating themes, but are the right size. Shoppers also need to consider the type and number of sinks they want and whether vanities will be wall mounted, freestanding, or corner models.