A New mattress Unlike Any Other

The newest mattress to become available on the market is not a memory foam variation or a hybrid. It utilizes advanced technology to create a sleep experience like no other before it. Sleepovation is a mattress that is comprised of hundreds of individual cushion pocket springs. This unique concept is flexible enough to support any size and shape of body in any sleep position while maintaining proper spinal alignment.

Tiny Mattress Sleep Technology

This term is used to convey the idea of sleeping on components that can be supportive and comfortable alone if bigger. Each one moves separately to provide an excellent balance between comfort and ideal support. The motion isolation is exceptional as well due to this fact. A heavy person who is a side sleeper can share the bed with a tall or petite person sleeping on the back and both will be undisturbed by the movements of the other.

A Base

The mattress does require a base. This can be a box spring, a solid platform, or an adjustable frame. It is recommended to prolong the life of the mattress, which comes with a ten-year warranty. Reviews of this innovative product indicate that it sleeps cool. A one-hundred-night risk-free sleep trial is plenty of time to determine if this mattress lives up to customer expectations. Trying something new has never been easier.


The Sleepovation mattress has minimal off-gassing. Off-gassing refers to the odor a mattress produces when taken out of the box. Materials are CertiPUR certified which means any odor is non-toxic and will dissipate fast. It is wise to open windows for ventilation when setting out the mattress. Learn more about this unique mattress by clicking here.


The materials are made in America and the manufacturing is completed in this country as well. These two facts make pricing low, so it is affordable for most budgets. Shipping in the continental United States if free which also helps cut costs. Go online to discover a complete list of features to decide if this mattress is right for you. It can alleviate soreness, pressure points, and chronic pain through spinal alignment.