Setting Small Business Priorities: Business Owner Quotes

Working on the right things in your business is vitally important for the life of your business. Otherwise, you’ll drag your business to its end. Do you need business owner quotes to know what to focus on? What important statistics should you take into account while growing your business? Just read below to discover this.


Need Business Owner Quotes to Grow Your Business?

Setting out objectives and following the right path will determine your company’s long-term goals and strengthen its operational activities. You should outline what’s important to your company and then place your main focus on what activities can make your company grow.

A small business owner survey has been released recently by a loan company. According to the CEO of the company, small business owners are aware of macro trends that may have an influence on their business. However, as the CEO notes, their focus is instead on the daily functions of running their company.

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Recent Survey for Small Business Owners

According to the above-mentioned survey released recently, the current situation is the following:

  • 53{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} of small business owners name the cost of providing health insurance for employees as their key business consideration. 52{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} of small business owners mention the effect of changes in the new tax law as the top business consideration.
  • 35{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} have already taken measures respective to their businesses and the changes to the tax law. Another 10{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} are investing in capital expenditures (new equipment) or hiring new employees.
  • 9 out of 10 small business owners consider experience more important than education when hiring new people. 31{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} are willing to hire new people who don’t have some qualifications and train them.
  • Finding and hiring quality employees is among the top concerns. This is the top concern for 49{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e}.
  • 51{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} of small business owners are offering more flexible work arrangements.
  • 33{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} are increasing wages.
  • Nearly 57{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} of small business owners describe their vision on business growth over the upcoming 12 months as “fairly positive” or “positive.”
  • 22{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} of small business owners agree or strongly agree that it’s become easier to get approved for credit over the past few years. 49{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} of small business owners agree or strongly agree that the credit cost has grown.

According to the CEO of the company having released the survey, these small business owners are the backbone of the economy.

As Edward Humphrey said, “True wisdom is to know what’s best worth knowing, and to do what’s best worth doing.” According to Lucius Columella, “The most important part of every business is to know what ought to be done.”

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