Call Nick Bova Pittsburgh Realtor for More Reasons to Move to the City

As Pennsylvania’s second-largest city, Pittsburgh is popular because of its cultural attractions, vibrant economy, and educational opportunities. For long-time residents and those moving in for the first time, check out these reasons why it’s great to live in Pittsburgh.

Safety in the City

While many people think of crime when envisioning a major city, Pittsburgh has been named one of America’s safest cities. Back in 2013, Farmers Insurance Group ranked the city as the third most secure in the US, putting it ahead of Dallas, San Francisco, and other well-known metropolitan areas.

Affordable Homes

Another thing that makes Pittsburgh a standout is its housing market. As of 2015, the median home price in the US was just over $297,000; Pittsburgh’s is slightly over $131,000. Furthermore, the median income per household is just under the national median. With an annual cost of living that’s almost 5{26bd431eff7d0046e936992ed7549e6ea3b547fa104f249d4c8008090e0b7d2e} below the country’s average, Pittsburg is a great place to settle in. Call “Nick Bova Pittsburgh realtor” for details.

World-Class Hospitals

Whether a family member is looking for work in the healthcare field or they simply like knowing there’s a good hospital nearby, Pittsburgh is a great option. Not only does it have the University of Pittsburgh’s Medical Center, which is the city’s biggest employer, that facility has been chosen as Pennsylvania’s best hospital.

Sports for All Fans

Where professional sports are concerned, Pittsburgh is a treasure trove of entertainment. The city is home to teams from three of the biggest sports leagues. For instance, the Pittsburgh Steelers have won six Super Bowls. The Penguins represent the NHL, and baseball fans get to watch the Pittsburgh Pirates. For sports lovers, Pittsburgh is the ideal destination.

Educational Opportunities

Numerous schools are found in Pittsburgh, with the University of Pittsburgh being the most well-known. The school accommodates over 34,000 students yearly in its graduate and undergrad programs, which include business, social work, philosophy, and health sciences. Other local universities and colleges include Duquesne University, the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and Carnegie Mellon University.

As shown here, there are numerous reasons to consider relocating to Pittsburgh. From its sports scene to its major colleges and universities, there’s a lot to like about the city. Call today to learn more about Pittsburgh’s housing market.