Goose Down vs. Feather Pillows: Which One Is Right for You?

In this nonstop world, there is nothing more important than getting a good night’s sleep. A luxurious pillow is one way to help yourself sleep soundly through the evening. Both goose down and feather pillows remain highly popular, but which type is best suited for your sleeping needs?

Type of Filling

If you purchase a feather pillow, you’re getting a pillow that is stuffed with a mixture of down and feathers. For the most luxurious experience, look for pillows that contain at least 75 percent feathers. The higher the feather content, the softer and fluffier the pillow will feel.

On the other hand, goose down pillows are mostly filled with down clusters. Any large feathers are removed during the manufacturing process; however, it’s common for one or two stray feathers to make it through. Down pillows are sturdier and firmer than feather ones.

What to Expect

While both feather and goose down pillows remain two of the leading favorites, they both perform very differently. Some consumers swear by feathers, while others claim they sleep better with goose down.

Pillows stuffed with feathers tend to be heavier than other pillows on the market. These pillows are easy to fold into different shapes and sizes, which is perfect for a sleeper who enjoys holding their pillow at night. Those who are looking for a pillow to keep between their knees or behind their back may like the flexibility of feathers.

After a long night, your feather pillow will be flat. The feathers compress from weight, but the material is easy to fluff back into its original shape. Feathers are extremely durable, and a high quality pillow will last for a long time.

Goose down is much lighter than feathers. This material also holds its shape throughout the evening, so there’s no reason to continually fluff the pillow. However, down pillows are stiffer, so they’re not ideal for those who want to fold and manipulate their pillow. Goose down also has a longer lifespan.

A new pillow is an investment and a personal choice. Your sleeping habits will help determine if you should purchase a feather or goose down pillow. Both materials are of the highest quality, and no matter which type you select, your new pillow will have a profound impact on how you sleep through the night.