How A Driving Policy For Company Cars Affects The Outcome Of A Lawsuit

In Louisiana, employers must take responsibility for their commercial drivers. For this reason, a driving policy for company cars is issued and enforced. The drivers must comply with the policies or lose their right to operate the vehicles. A local attorney helps victims of accidents involving a commercial vehicle.

Reporting Accidents to the Employer

According to the company policy, the driver must report any accidents that occur. First, law enforcement must be notified, and an accident report is generated. Next, the driver collects information from all parties. If the commercial driver is responsible for the accident, all details about the other drivers and/or passengers must be gathered and sent to the employer.

Filing an Insurance Claim

The employer manages the insurance claim for the auto accident. The insurance provider must make certain distinctions about the accident, the driver, and why the accident happened. The claim is denied if the driver was impaired or if he or she was using the vehicle for personal reasons.

When the Insurance Doesn’t Cover the Accident

If the insurance doesn’t cover the accident, the employer must manage all expenses incurred by the victim. However, the driver could be deemed liable if he or she violated the terms of the insurance policy or the company driving policy. Typically, if a company deems a driver accountable the costs are garnished from their wages. If the victims don’t collect compensation after the accident, they have the legal right to file a lawsuit.

Managing Auto Accident Lawsuits

When a lawsuit is filed, the company is notified, and the company has an opportunity to respond out of court. The standard requirements include the cost of all medical expenses, lost wages, and auto repair costs. However, under some circumstances, some tort rulings may apply. For example, if the victim lost a limb, organ function, or became disfigured.

In Louisiana, commercial drivers are held accountable for their actions through the law and disciplinary actions. Employers that provide company vehicles must comply with company policies and local laws. Any failure to abide by the regulations could lead to a lawsuit or termination. Victims of accidents linked to commercial drivers are encouraged to contact an attorney right now.