Important Steps When in a Car Accident

Car wrecks happen when least expected, and they come with injuries and intense emotions. Those who are involved in a car accident need to keep several things in mind in order to take the best care of themselves and others in the moments and days after the crash. A Car wreck lawyer shares a few things to remember when involved in an accident:

Stay Calm & Pull Over

No matter what, take a few deep breaths so that the situation can be approached with some degree of equanimity. This will be tough since the adrenaline will be pumping after the accident. If the accident isn’t major, make sure that the vehicle has been pulled to the side of the road and out of the traffic flow.

Stay at the Scene

Many have an initial instinct to flee the stress of the situation, but under no circumstance should a person leave the scene of an accident. Those who do flee an accident like this can face serious criminal charges. Stay put until the authorities have given permission to leave.

Check to See if There are Injuries

If possible, check for injuries in all of the cars involved in the accident. Even if it looks like there are no injuries, it is still important to call 911 to be on the safe side. The welfare of all parties involved comes first and foremost. If the paramedics feel anyone should seek treatment but they refuse transport to the hospital, this will be important, especially if problems come up later on.

Exchange Information

As aggravating as it may be, try to remain calm and polite. Exchange insurance information at the scene. However, limit any discussions about the details of the accident keep it to pertinent insurance information and vehicle facts. Never admit fault, even in situations where it is pretty clear what happened. Contact a car accident lawyer to explore the right way to explore legal options. This applies to the one at fault too. It is best to be prepared.

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