Making a Dorm Room Comfortable

In no time at all, students will be headed to college. The freshmen and their parents have mixed emotions. The time they have been planning for and thinking about for many years is finally here. It’s the start of a new chapter. One of the most exciting parts of the move is getting the dorm room ready and adding personal touches. This is a space the student will be living in for 9 months out of the year, so why not go ahead and make it feel a little like home. Here are some things to consider for making the space as comfortable and welcoming as possible.

Bring Some Favorite Pieces from Home

Think about some items in their bedroom at home that might be useful in the dorm. Consider things that might have some special meaning, like a lamp that has been in their current room since they were a kid. Some familiar pieces can make the room seem welcoming and familiar.

Add Photos

It’s okay to have some photos of high school events and activities with friends and family. This can help a person feel less homesick, especially in the beginning. Then, as new college adventures occur, add photos to the collection. Something like a simple memo board is just fine for this.

Comfortable Bedding

The beds in a dorm do not exactly feel like a 5-star hotel. However, there are some things that a student can do to improve the look and feel of their mattress. After all, it is going to be important to be able to get a good night’s sleep and be comfortable. A lot of time is spent in the dorm, whether it is studying or sleeping. The housing department will provide the information about the size of the mattress or it might be accessible online. Consider getting a mattress protector for the sake of hygiene, a mattress topper, soft bedspread or comforter along with two sets of sheets and pillowcases. There will not be a lot of time for doing laundry once class starts.

To get more information on how to dress up the dorm room with proper bedding, continue reading here Many people like to go ahead and start to get their bedding purchased early in the summer so that as move in day approaches, they can add finishing touches to their décor that work with the color theme they chose.