Navigating the World of Memory Foam

In the two decades since memory foam was introduced as a mattress material, there have been many variations and upgrades to the foam concept. Many of those created recently due to advanced technology, new polymers, and research by manufacturers. Keeping the information clear as customers begin to learn about different foams is confusing. Side by side comparisons are helpful, as are independent reviews from those who have slept on a memory foam mattress for two weeks or more.

Types of Memory Foam

In addition to original memory foam, denser foams have been developed for the bases of mattresses to improve durability and support. After a few years, the foam began to sag in spots and compromise the support. Placing the base foam at the bottom of the mattresses meant they could last for ten to twenty years and maintain a consistent level of support.

Gel foam is typically the top layer of many mattresses to solve a major problem with memory foam. The foam would build up heat as people slept and become sticky and uncomfortable. Gel foam does not get hot as the night wears on. It is not as solid, so it remains cool all night long. Foam with built-in air pockets is another solution found in newer models of foam mattresses. Water pockets are also used in some foam products to provide support and have a cooling effect on the surface.

Motion Isolation

Lightweight yet sturdy materials were needed to reach higher ratings for motion isolation. A major selling point of memory foam is that one person can toss and turn without disturbing a sleeping partner. Some brands perform better in this category than others. In order to compete, manufacturers experimented with polymers to combine with foam to meet the increasing demands from customers. The Purple Mattress, for example, has successfully incorporated polymers with foam to provide excellent motion isolation at a budget-friendly price.

Dedicated Websites

The internet offers multitudes of sites that are dedicated to bedding, mattresses, and memory foam. A bit of research can help customers seeking a memory foam mattress. Mattress guides are the best sites to read because language is simple and informative. Those interested can view more here to get started.