Ready to Try a Different Type of Mattress?

Those sleeping on a traditional, bordering on old-fashioned, bed that consists of a box spring and mattress will want to try a different type of mattress to discover superior comfort and support. At this point, the family can even skip early memory foam mattresses and go to the newest generation. Foam alone is no longer the best thing in mattresses. A combination of foam and a secondary material is quickly becoming popular.

New Materials

Some materials are added to the foam, while others are used as an additional layer to support the memory foam. Cutting edge technology allows manufacturers to experiment and create unique mattresses that are more durable and comfortable than high-end regular foam mattresses. The manufacturers of the Purple Mattress, for example, combine the foam with a polymer that has hyper-elastic properties.

This line is handcrafted, designed for ideal spinal alignment in any sleeping position, and provides a cool surface. The mattress is made in America, includes a smart grid pattern, and comes with a 100 night sleep trial. To compare pricing and quality with other newer mattresses, use this link for reviews, full details, and where to purchase. Many mattresses are now only available online at an official website. This keeps prices as low as possible and avoids the likelihood of cheap knock-off brands.

Try Out Comparable Mattresses

The best way to select a mattress is by taking shoes off and laying down on it. Change positions to make sure support and comfort is experienced at any angle and pressure point. Spend a good ten to fifteen minutes on each one to be able to compare the feel with other mattresses. Testers will not find the exact mattresses, but can get a general idea of what that type of mattress feels like.

People hesitate to do more than sit on a mattress and bounce on it a few times. That determines nothing so do not be shy. Display mattresses have that strip of cloth at the bottom specifically for when people slip out of their shoes. Staff expect people to take their time and test out the bed, which is why there are several lined up.