The Top Things You Should Know If You Are Involved In An Accident

The majority of drivers get into a car accident at least once in their lives, and most have several accidents over the years. In fact, car accidents are one of the leading causes of injuries, and despite the promises of insurance companies, most accident victims have a hard time getting full compensation for their medical bills and lost wages. If you want to make sure a claim gets paid, these are The Top Things You Should Know If You Are Involved in an Accident.

Stay At The Scene

After a car accident, drivers should pull over to the side of the road if possible and wait for the police to arrive. In most states, it’s illegal to leave the scene of an accident, and it can also be harmful to an insurance claim.

Get A Police Report

The next step is to call 911 for help. When the police officer arrives, he or she will speak with both drivers and examine the cars and surroundings. The officer will then file a report which the accident victim will need to pick up (or download) within the next few days.

Exchange Information At The Scene

All parties to the accident should exchange contact information and insurance details. It’s important to get the name of the car’s owner, if the driver is not the owner. It can also be helpful to collect names and phone numbers of witnesses who can help to verify what happened.

Take Photos

Taking photos and video is a good way to document damage to the vehicle as well as personal injuries. Photos can also preserve details of the scene that could help support a claim later on.

See A Doctor

A common mistake that accident victims make is to postpone going to the doctor. It’s an understandable choice since a car accident is very disruptive and tiring, and many people are eager to get home or to get on with their daily lives. However, seeking medical attention early is very important. If symptoms show up later on, as they tend to do, an insurance company might argue that they were not caused by the accident.