Tired of Sleeping on Cheap Pillows?

Tossing and turning all night is too high a price to pay for saving money on pillows. A five or ten-dollar purchase price may seem like a great deal, but the money spent on buying four or five pillows at once just to be comfortable is not cost-effective. Neither is more money needed to replace those pillows in a few short months. There are few things in life more important than a restful night of deep sleep, so stop cheating yourself out of sleep with cheap pillows.


Yes, it is quick and easy to go into the local department store and grab a few pillows when new ones are necessary. It is just as convenient to select and order down pillows online. The difference is that the down pillow will be more comfortable and last much longer than those cheap ones. Some customers have had their pillows for several years and still do not need to purchase a replacement. Now, that is convenient.

Get Goose Down

When searching for pillows made of down be sure it is goose down instead of duck down. This is important for two reasons. The first is that goose down is in larger clusters that are more resilient than the smaller duck down clusters. There are more odor issues with duck down than with goose down, and that is the second reason.

Proper Care of Down and Feather Pillows

Depending on the company, pillows will come with a ten-year guarantee. It is strongly recommended to use pillow protectors and pillowcases on all pillows to keep them clean. If pillows do get dirty, spot clean them only.

To refresh a pillow of these materials put it in the dryer on low heat or hang it on an outdoor clothesline. The only exception is pillows made in a smaller toddler size. Those are machine washable and should be tumble dried through two cycles to make sure the pillow is completely dry.

Compare Costs

Add up all the money spent on cheap pillows in one year and compare that to the price of a down or feather pillow. Most people will be surprised to discover the better pillow costs less money. Do not rob yourself of comfortable sleep to save money.