Types of Foundations for Memory Foam Mattresses

A foundation is the support base in which the mattress sits on. The foundation that works for memory foam mattresses works for latex mattresses in most cases. Both of these type of mattresses require a solid foundation that is uniform to work correctly. Here are the basic types of foundations that are available in the market.

Box Springs

Box springs are mostly made of a combination of steel springs and wood. These act as shock absorbers for the traditional innerspring mattress. There are three types of box springs in the market.

  • Standard Profile Box Spring

This is the most common type of box spring that has a height of 9 inches.

  • Low Profile Box Springs

These have a height of 5 inches. This design lowers the total height of the bed to give a more comfortable and more natural way to get in and out of bed. It is ideal for higher bed frames as well as extremely plush-top mattresses.

  • Split Box Springs

These come as of two separate box springs. They make it much easier to move around tight staircase and corners as well as moving in narrow spaces. The split box springs are ideal for queen beds. It is important to note that most of the king size beds come with split box springs.


These are more solid structures and they are used together with both memory and latex mattresses. They are typically made of solid wood or a wood-slatted system with a cover.

Bunkie Board

This is a piece of wood usually plywood or just a metal that is generally used together with an old box spring, platform bed or foundation. It is mainly for additional support under the mattress. This is an ideal option for an individual purchasing a new memory foam mattress that is heavier and requires a sturdier foundation than the traditional innerspring mattress.

When choosing a mattress foundation one should consider factors like durability and comfort. How the foundation looks like does not matter because in most cases it will always be covered by the beddings. The foundation one chooses should also go with the type of mattress an individual has. One can click here now for more information.