What Is Involved in Lift Maintenance Services?

Proper maintenance of a lift is crucial for ensuring it will provide safe performance. When a lift is maintained, it operates more efficiently and its lifespan can be protected. Homeowners who have a lift installed in their home need to learn about the steps involved in lift maintenance services by Hin Chong, so they will be able to be prepared.

What Steps Are Involved in Maintenance?

There are a few different steps involved in the process of maintaining a lift. These steps should be carried out annually to ensure the lift is safe for operation and does not need any repairs. The following steps will be carried out by service technicians who are highly trained in maintaining and servicing lift equipment.

  • The technicians will perform a careful check of all of the critical components of the lift. If the owner has purchased a lift maintenance plan, they can expect the technicians to replace any parts that have become worn over use.
  • The technicians will examine all of the interior components of the lift car to ensure no damage has occurred. They will check for any safety issues, such as broken handrails or lighting.
  • The technicians will operate the lift several times, going both up and down. As they are riding the lift, they will check for any issues with acceleration and deceleration. They will also check for accuracy in landing.
  • The technicians will check to ensure the door operates as it should and the door stoppers are performing properly. The door stopper system is a must for safety.
  • All aspects of the machine will be checked to ensure it is operating at peak performance. The electrical components will all be checked for signs of overheating or failure. If any issues are found, these components will be replaced.

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With the proper maintenance, you can rest assured your lift will operate properly. Contact the service technicians at Hin Chong today. They offer a wide array of lift services and will work to make sure your lift is operating safely and efficiently. Rely on these professionals for all of your lift needs.