What Supplies are Needed for a Water Feature in the Yard?

Water features and ponds are great additions to any yard to enhance the scenery and natural beauty. Some people are familiar with adding water features themselves but it is recommended to seek the advice of a landscape contractor to avoid incorrect installation. It is also important for any water feature to get the proper aeration to work efficiently. For this, there is specific equipment that is needed. What all supplies are needed for a water feature in the yard?

Supplies for Ponds

A pond is a popular choice for a water feature but the person must decide if they want a large pond with koi fish or a pond with additional features. This will depend on the supplies that are used. All ponds need a pump to keep the water from getting stagnant. Ponds with liners will need a quality liner, liner underlay, a filter, and a skimmer. Some ponds can be preformed and these do not need liners. If the pond is a DIY project, there are kits available for purchase with all of the supplies needed to build it. Fish and plants will have to be purchased separately.

Supplies for Waterfalls

Waterfalls are a great choice of a water feature to promote peace and tranquility. The sound of moving water is relaxing to many people. Waterfalls can be made or they can be purchased in a kit as well. Most waterfalls have a water reservoir but there are pondless waterfalls in which the water flows down the rocks and is pumped back up. These types of waterfalls typically have algae problems unlike other waterfalls with larger water reservoirs. Liner and liner underlay are both needed for a pondless waterfall. Other supplies needed are pond treatment, tubing, and the pump.

The supplies for either of these types of water features can be purchased at a home improvement store, landscape supply company, or a specialty store. The cost of both of these may vary depending on the size along with the materials and supplies being used. Getting the proper information about the upkeep of a water feature is just as important as the supplies needed to build and maintain it. Living Water Aeration is a company who can help with all water feature needs. For more information, check them out here.