What’s Your Company Policy For Vehicles And How Does It Affect Accident Claims?

In Louisiana, commercial drivers must comply with any policies issued by their employers. The company policies restrict certain activities that could lead to an accident. When approaching liabilities, the company owner must answer the question, “what’s your company policy for vehicles?”

When to Notify the Employer

According to most driving policies, the driver is required to inform the employer of any auto accidents immediately. When commercial drivers are involved in accidents, additional laws may apply. Any commercial truck driver will be required to complete several assessments, and the employer must be aware of the situation.

Federal Inspections and Related Policies

Under Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulations, all commercial trucks must be inspected. The cargo must meet the weight restrictions, and the driver must stop at weigh stations for this reason.

The truck is inspected for proper maintenance, too. The company owner must provide a log of all repairs, maintenance and any changes made to the vehicle. Any faulty parts or equipment that could have caused the accident are identified. If the truck didn’t pass safety inspections, the company is liable for all injuries produced in the accident.

Criminal Activities of Drivers

All drivers are required to follow all state and federal laws when operating commercial vehicles, especially 18-wheelers. Any criminal activity such as a DUI leads to further penalties for drivers. The company policies for commercial drivers state that drivers should never drive when impaired. For this reason, all drivers must submit to a drug and alcohol screening after an auto accident.

What Happens When Lawsuits are Filed?

If a lawsuit is filed, it is likely that the driver could lose their job. The company faces liabilities associated with the driver’s actions during the accident. However, if a crime was committed, the driver could be convicted of the crime.

In Louisiana, commercial drivers could be convicted of a DUI regardless of their company driving policy. Commercial drivers who cause accidents could face liabilities for injuries just like their employer. The business owner must enforce their driving policies to prevent avoidable accidents. Victims of an auto accident that involved a commercial driver can file a lawsuit through a local attorney today.