Your Bitcoins Could Be Backed Up by New ‘Bitcoin Satellites’ Soon

Bitcoin is a digital currency that eliminates the need for the central banking system and the government in order to make transactions and other banking activities. With no transaction fees and no sharing of your personal information, Bitcoin is showing its ever-growing user base why it is so much more favorable than other banking options.

BitSat Breakdown

Bitcoin Satellites, or BitSat, is Bitcoin’s newest technology. BitSat’s purpose is to create a digital node in space, something that has not been done before. The Bitcoin Satellites require no government jurisdiction, which means that it acts independently from the government and the central banking system.

Having a digital node in space is great for Bitcoin and even better for emergencies or possible Internet crashes since it will not affect your Bitcoin Wallet balance or transaction process.

Ensure Security of Transactions

To elaborate on Bitcoin Satellites and their safety features, these BitSats rely on their independent connections, separate from the digital nodes on the ground, in order for transactions to be done securely. Hackers may try to create computer viruses in order to hack into banking systems and steal money and identities, some of which are so brutal that they can wipe out an entire bank account and its information.

Having a BitSat in space protects users and their Bitcoin Wallets from being subjected to these hackers and any computer viruses they may encounter, no matter how small they are. The Bitcoin Blockchain is the network that users interact with in order to make transactions and access their banking information and Bitcoin Wallets. With Bitcoin Satellites, the Bitcoin Blockchain is more secure and protects the entire shared network from negative activity. Users can rest easy knowing their Bitcoin Wallets are private and secure.

Ability to Reach More People Around the World

Bitcoin Satellites are the technology of the future. BitSats will be able to bring finances and a banking system to places with limited or no Internet connection or phone service. Because the network is in space, it acts as its own port or hub, which in fact does not require Internet access to work.

This is revolutionary in its own way because not only can Bitcoin reach more people around the world, it gives the rest of the world the option to help developing countries and those in need get money, which is needed by many. For more information, try this.